Saturday, September 02, 2006


Reading about the Blue-Ray / HD-DVD disaster today and thinking about HDMI.  I am really aggravated.  I am aggravated not just about DRM preventing all my existing projectors and plasmas from being able to play content at resolutions that they are capable of, but also about the need for yet another type of cable.  I have boxes full of different kinds of cables.  Everything I plug in to anything uses it's own cable!  Cables drive me insane!  

Isn't it about time that we consumers start demanding that everyone use one type of cable?  Let me suggest optical cables; they can carry the highest bandwidth, can be run arbitrary distances without distortion and can conceivably carry many signals simultaneously (many different ways to multplex optical signals).

The world would be a much better place if I could grab a cable (any cable), knowing it can be used to connect any two devices.  

Of course, there is the issue of power.  What a mess that issue is.  How many power-bricks are connected to how many power-strips in your house?  What a disaster!  And why?  Maybe I'll rant about free energy and wireless power distribution another time.  The entire topic is stupefying.

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