Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What is Holoradix?

Holo-radix is simply the combination of the latin roots Holo (complete, whole, entire) and radix (root or source). The word literally means the full root or full history. Think of holoradix as the holistic construction of a thing, whether that thing is tangible or intangible (an object vs. a thought, for instance).

When one contemplates the holoradix of a thing1, one contemplates all things2 that combined to make thing1 exist and all things3 that combined to make things2 exist, ad infinitum.. While it is impossible to fully comprehend the holoradix of a thing, the act of attempting to do so can be very enlightening...

Okay, so an interesting word... A word that represents a perspective, my perspective... And from that perspective emerges this blog. It is not so much a decomposition of my reality as you may guess from the word, it is just my journal of thoughts, of ideas of observations. Probably, it is just for me. But if you enjoy it, all the better...


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